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May 8th, 2011 Posted in Antique Glass Repair, Bent Glass


The email reads “I have a door to an antique cabinet and it needs glass can you help” ?   Its a bent glass but its not a radius. Yes I can make a custom bent glass for the door.   It’s called

Antique cabinet door

double bend , camel back, or bubble glass and every one is a different profile . I can make a custom mold  to fit the profile of the door .  This door has a beautiful inlay design made from wood.

Bruening Glass Works makes the complex bends that other companies can’t .

Double Bent Glass


Double bend, Camel back glass, Crown glass

Replacing the broken glass restores the value of this piece.  Now when it comes to auction in New York City it will demand top dollar.

curved glass double bend


We can bend single strength glass, double strength glass  3/16 “inch glass, 1/4 “inch  glass,  3/8 “inch  glass,  1/2 “inch  glass,and   3/4 “inch  glass. Custom bent glass is our specialty .  We can bend any shape.

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