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Crystal Repair

Monday, December 15th, 2008 Posted in Testimonials | Comments Off on Crystal Repair

Finding crystal repair or help with repairing crystal can be difficult. If I broke or chipped my cherished crystal glasses I would want an expert repairing my crystal piece. I want to recommend someone who I know personally who can help you out with crystal repair – Marc Konys of Bruening Glass Works.
Crystal Repair
Marc has been doing all kinds of crystal repair for over 30 years. His company Bruening Glass Works has been working with glass back to the early 1900’s. He is honest, sincere, and truly caring about the particular broken crystal piece that you are bringing to him.

The best part about it is that he will work on your piece no matter where you live. Simply ship the crystal to him and he will repair it. I encourage you to visit the website and check out the repair gallery. Marc is a master glass craftsman and understands how to perform crystal repair even if your item is broken into pieces.

Take it from me, if you are looking for someone to repair crystal or perform crystal repair, Bruening Glass Works is the place to go.

John Sammon