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Beveled glass lens

beveled glass lens antique gauge barometer

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Posted in All Repair Projects, antique gauge glass, Antique Glass Repair, Beveled glass lens, clock glass | No Comments »

The beveled glass lens in the antique barometer was cracked.  The tolerances are very tight fitting the glass in the brass bezel. The glass is friction fit .  It is not glued in .















antique beveled glass lens

antique beveled glass lens















brass bezel with glass

brass bezel with glass





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Custom Beveled Glass Lens for antique clock

Saturday, January 12th, 2013 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

A  clock shop sent me the front and back bezels from an antique clock.  They needed the beveled glass replaced. I used vintage glass.  It is very important to use antique glass when restoring a clock.  Using new glass will greatly effect the value of an antique clock.

bezel from an antique clock



Checking the bezel for size and roundness


The bezels look round but very rarely are .  I have  and use old glass from the period the clock was made. The equipment I use to bevel the glass is all so period.  Most of my machines I use are as old if not older than the the clocks.   The machines are run by leather belts and use lead babit bearings.  The beveling and polishing equipment  are power by electric motors not steam engines as originally.


Replacement Clock Glass

Note the small pitts in the glass .


Antique beveled glass for clock


Beveled glass for the back of clock

The beveled glass lenses  are made to very tight tolerances and are install in the bezel .  They are not glued in.





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Carriage Fire Engine Lamp Repair

Saturday, February 28th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique lamp repair, Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, Blowen Glass Replacements, clock glass, Glass Globe, Panel Lamp Repair | No Comments »

Before and after  beveled flashed glass lens with engraving

Before and after beveled flashed glass lens with engraving

I was told this is from a  fire engine . Its is made of flashed red glass and has a beveled edge and a number six engraved on it. Flash glass is made by layering two colored glasses together in this case red and clear. I have restored many carriage lamps over the years I wish I had photographed them now. I also make globes for oil lamp like on the railroad.

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