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Crystal Repair antique cut glass epergne

Crystal Repair antique cut glass epergne

December 30th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, broken glassware, Chipped Glass Repair, chipped glassware, Glueings

Broken cut glass

The antique cut crystal piece was broken and apiece was missing. I knew I would have to make a new pedal. Antique glass comes in many colors even the clear “crystal” glass. I found in my parts department a piece of antique glass the right color and shape for this repair. I ground and polished the new pedal. Crystal repair is challenging. With the replace pedal finished I beveled the side of the bowl so I would get a good bond. Then cut in the thumb prints design. Being able to grind and polish a piece of glass that been bonded together speaks well of the strength of the adhesive. This repair job came from Pittsburgh Pa. from a very nice lady. Who I quote ” it’s not a bad drive two hours tops a little shopping lunch and were on our way home. Many customers are surprised what kind of damaged crystal can be restored. Most clients after using my services say I didn’t know that could be repaired. I threw away a lot of glass that could have been repaired. I wish I knew about you.

Crystal Repair antique cut glass epergne

broken glass glued

roth 71broken crystal arm

chipped crystal repair

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