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Crystal Repair broken decanter

Crystal Repair broken decanter

April 18th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, Broken Decanter Repair, broken glassware, Chipped Glass Repair, Glueings

This crystal decanter came to me with a cracked neck and a stuck stopper. The neck of this decanter was broken in an unsuccessful attempt to remove the stopper. After I was able to remove the stopper, I had to run the crack so I could remove the piece and reattach it with glue. Running a crack can be tricky. The heat must be applied in a very controlled way so that the crack can be redirected to prevent further damage.

Cracked Neck

Cracked Neck After running the crackBroken Pieces off decanterRepaired decanter

If you look very closely you can still see were it was repaired, but the decanter is now stable and there is no worry that the crack will run through the body of the decanter. Fill with Rum and enjoy life.

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