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Glass Chandelier Repair

Crystal Repair Antique Glass Chandelier Arm

Saturday, September 1st, 2012 Posted in Antique Glass Repair, Antique lamp repair, Chandelier Repair | Comments Off on Crystal Repair Antique Glass Chandelier Arm

The movers packed the chandelier like they always do ” wrong”.  They hung the chandelier in box fully assembled . You must take the arms off a chandelier before shipping. I have repaired hundreds of arms .


Crystal Chandelier Arm


The antique glass chandelier arm will be as strong as new after it is repaired .  When photographed on black you can see the repair if you look close .  When installed back on the chandelier the repair will be very hard to find.

Antique Glass Chandelier Arm

This repair could have been avoided if the mover had removed the arms before shipping.  Never ship a chandelier with the crystal arms attached.

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Chandelier Restoration and Repair

Tuesday, November 9th, 2010 Posted in Chandelier Repair | Comments Off on Chandelier Restoration and Repair

As the year winds down, we’re very busy in the shop with many different repair projects. One of the many types of repair services that we perform is chandelier restoration. There are many different types of chandelier repairs that we do and Marc wanted to tell you about a few that we have going on right now. As you can imagine with each repair project, there’s a story. Marc tells the story of how this chandelier was broken. It was sent to us from Louisiana.

We perform all kinds of chandelier restoration for customers all over the globe. You can ship us your piece and we’ll repair it and ship it back to you. Please fill out the form at right or call us for more information.

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