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antique beveled glass

beveled glass lens antique gauge barometer

Tuesday, June 10th, 2014 Posted in All Repair Projects, antique gauge glass, Antique Glass Repair, Beveled glass lens, clock glass | Comments Off on beveled glass lens antique gauge barometer

The beveled glass lens in the antique barometer was cracked.  The tolerances are very tight fitting the glass in the brass bezel. The glass is friction fit .  It is not glued in .















antique beveled glass lens

antique beveled glass lens















brass bezel with glass

brass bezel with glass





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Antique clock glass repair beveled glass in bezel

Saturday, March 26th, 2011 Posted in Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, clock glass, clocks | Comments Off on Antique clock glass repair beveled glass in bezel

The antique  clock sat on  the mantel since the beginning of time . One of the kids went to wind the clock and broke the glass .   I save old glass for clocks like this.  New glass is a different color green and is very flat.  The antique glass has a yellow hue and a distorted finish.  Sometimes the antique glass  has bubbles and blisters .  This is important when it comes to the value of the clock.  An antique  clock with new glass doesn’t retain its resale price.


antique beveled glass clock bezel

















I have antique beveling machines that run on leather belts.  The same type used to make this antique beveled glass lens originally.  The fitting of the antique replacement beveled glass in the bezel  is very tricky.  The tolerances are with in thousands of an inch.  I make replacement beveled  clock glass for clock shops all over the the country  most of them in New York and LA.



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antique glass repair Beveled Clock Door

Thursday, December 4th, 2008 Posted in All Repair Projects, Beveled Glass | Comments Off on antique glass repair Beveled Clock Door

Antique Clock Beveled Glass Door

Antique Clock Beveled Glass Door

This antique clock had a broken glass in it so I used a pc of old mirror and removed the silvering The old glass has more of a yellow color to it the newer glass has a much greener color. I save many types of old glass and on occasions have use my kiln to make new glass look old. I then put on a good inch and a half bevel on the glass My hand beveling machines are older than this old clock. They run with leather belts we use electric motors instead of steam now. Hand beveling old glass for this clock has kept its value.Hand beveling is a dieing trade. Antique Carriage Clocks have very thin glass and are the hardest to bevel. I bevel glass for many clock repair shops .

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