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Chipped crystal glassware repair wine glass water glass

Monday, January 23rd, 2012 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, Baccarat Crystal Repair, Broken Stem, chipped glassware, Chipped Stemware, Crystal Repair Pictures, LaLique Crystal Repair, Steuben Crystal Repair | No Comments »

Chipped wine glasses ,chipped water glasses ,chipped rock glasses, champagne  glasses and chipped cordial glasses can be ground and polished to look like new.  Crystal glassware is hand made and each glass is a little different size.  Stemware from the major manufactures can be very expensive and some times the patterns have been retired so repairing is the only option.


crystal stemware repair


Waterford Crystal , Baccarat Crystal  , Lalique Crystal  , Steuben Crystal , Orrefors  Crystal , Tiffin , Fostoria , Kosta Boda, Cambridge, Stuard, Hawkes Crystal, Daum Crystal, I have repaired them all.

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Baccarat Crystal Repair Chipped Vase

Friday, September 16th, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Baccarat Crystal Repair, Chipped Glass Repair, Crystal Repair Pictures | No Comments »

The large Baccarat Crystal vase had a large chip in the base.  I could reshape the base but you would see the repair so I removed the base and made a new one.


Large chip on base

Large chip on base



cut off chipped f


I used a diamond saw to cut off  the chipped base of the Baccarat Crystal vase.


The base was polished before the new  foot was attached.





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crystal repair waterford vase broken bottom

Saturday, May 1st, 2010 Posted in All Repair Projects, Baccarat Crystal Repair, broken glassware, Crystal Repair Pictures, Glueings, Waterford Crystal Repair | No Comments »

This Waterford Crystal vase had a broken bottom.   Sent to me with a piece missing and they lost  the piece . My only option was to replace the bottom. I needed a piece  of glass with a star cut in it and it had to be a good crystal. I found a crystal pitcher  that would work so I removed the bottom .

Waterford Crystal Vase

Waterford Crystal Vase

I had to cut off the bottom because they lost the piece that   broke off.

Waterford crystal vase new bottom

Waterford crystal vase new bottom

Waterford crystal vase

Waterford crystal vase

With the new bottom on this vase is ready for a  some fresh flowers.

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Antique Glass Perfume Bottle Baccarat

Wednesday, January 28th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Baccarat Crystal Repair, Broken Decanter Repair, Crystal Repair Pictures, Stopper Repair | No Comments »

Antique Baccarat Perfume Bottle with a stuck and broken stopper. This Baccarat Bottle from the 1920’s contains valuable perfume. First task remove perfume and store safley . Then remove stopper and repair it.  I remember coming home and  knowing grama was in the house  as I came up the drive by the smell of her perfume . The smell of roses so thick you could taste them.

Antique Perfume Bottle with stuck and broken stopper

Antique Perfume Bottle with stuck and broken stopper


Baccarat Bottle Restored Stopper

Baccarat Bottle Restored Stopper


Baccarat Bottle  1920's

Baccarat Bottle 1920's

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Crystal Repair Baccarat Candelabra

Saturday, January 24th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Baccarat Crystal, Baccarat Crystal Repair, Chandelier Repair, Glueings | No Comments »

Many broken arms and missing crystals on this Baccarat candelabra.  What a mess when it came to me. It look like a box of trash. Stored in the basement for who knows how long they didn’t know any one to fix it. They found me the old fashion way word of mouth not a google search. A good bath and some tlc  this candelabra  needs  a grand piano.

Baccarat Crystal Arms

Baccarat Crystal Arms


Baccarat Candle Obra

Baccarat Candelabra

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