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Replacement Glass for Antique Clock beveled convex with polished dimple

Friday, February 14th, 2014 Posted in All Repair Projects, Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

The old glass was repaired so it could be use to cast a high temperature mold .  The mold and an old piece of glass went into a kiln to form a glass blank.

old broken lens  beveled and convex glass

old broken lens beveled and convex glass


The blank was cut to size , beveled and the dimple was ground and polished.  The dimple is use to add additional clearance for the center stem.

len 2

I hope to update the post with a picture of the restored clock. I have made many lens for old clocks but this is the first one with a additional polished bent and  dimple.

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Replacement beveled glass for antique clock

Thursday, January 17th, 2013 Posted in All Repair Projects, Beveled Glass, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

The beveled glass from an antique clock  had many chips .  I made replacement pieces.

chipped beveled glass



Beveled Clock Glass


I wish I had a picture of the clock with the replacement  glass installed.

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Custom Beveled Glass Lens for antique clock

Saturday, January 12th, 2013 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

A  clock shop sent me the front and back bezels from an antique clock.  They needed the beveled glass replaced. I used vintage glass.  It is very important to use antique glass when restoring a clock.  Using new glass will greatly effect the value of an antique clock.

bezel from an antique clock



Checking the bezel for size and roundness


The bezels look round but very rarely are .  I have  and use old glass from the period the clock was made. The equipment I use to bevel the glass is all so period.  Most of my machines I use are as old if not older than the the clocks.   The machines are run by leather belts and use lead babit bearings.  The beveling and polishing equipment  are power by electric motors not steam engines as originally.


Replacement Clock Glass

Note the small pitts in the glass .


Antique beveled glass for clock


Beveled glass for the back of clock

The beveled glass lenses  are made to very tight tolerances and are install in the bezel .  They are not glued in.





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Wednesday, January 9th, 2013 Posted in All Repair Projects, clock glass, clocks, Waterford Crystal Repair | No Comments »

The Waterford Crystal clock had a very large chip in the base.   I cut off the damaged base and replaced it.





The new glass base was installed and the clock was sent back .  The clock movement was installed by the owner.



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Antique Glass Clock Repair Amber Pressed Glass

Friday, September 23rd, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, Bent Glass, Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

The clock on grandmas mantel fell and broke .  It was a basket case and I had no idea how many pieces were missing. I started the reassembly and hoped for the best.

Pressed Glass Clock Restoration


I told the customer I would do my best but it look like there were a lot of pieces missing.


Amber Pressed Glass Clock

Filling in were needed for missing pieces.


Repaired Glass Clock


I have repaired many types of  glass clocks most of them crystal.  This was my first antique amber glass mantel clock. I have made many kinds of custom beveled and custom bent glass for clocks.  Clock shops send the bezels to me to  install new glass.  I use old glass when necessary to maintain the value of the antique clock.

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Antique glass clock jar repair

Sunday, March 27th, 2011 Posted in Antique Glass Repair, Blowen Glass Replacements, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

Replacement glass  for an antique clock . We made for antique clock a cut glass jar that holds mercury .  The cut  crystal  jar is eight sided and is two inches  by three and a half inches by nine inches .  When install in its metal frame it becomes the pendulum for an antique grandfather clock .


cut glass jar for antique clock


We make beveled glass from our stock of old glass having the  right type of glass is very important.


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Antique clock glass repair beveled glass in bezel

Saturday, March 26th, 2011 Posted in Beveled Glass, Beveled glass lens, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

The antique  clock sat on  the mantel since the beginning of time . One of the kids went to wind the clock and broke the glass .   I save old glass for clocks like this.  New glass is a different color green and is very flat.  The antique glass has a yellow hue and a distorted finish.  Sometimes the antique glass  has bubbles and blisters .  This is important when it comes to the value of the clock.  An antique  clock with new glass doesn’t retain its resale price.


antique beveled glass clock bezel

















I have antique beveling machines that run on leather belts.  The same type used to make this antique beveled glass lens originally.  The fitting of the antique replacement beveled glass in the bezel  is very tricky.  The tolerances are with in thousands of an inch.  I make replacement beveled  clock glass for clock shops all over the the country  most of them in New York and LA.



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Antique glass clock repair

Friday, March 4th, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, clock glass, clocks | No Comments »

I received part of an antique clock and it was cracked .   Repairing the glass was not an option so making a replacement part was the best option. I used a crystal glass ball prism and cut it in half.

antique glass clock base

antique glass clock base


ball 2ball 4

ball 7ball 9

With some  minor grinding and polishing the ball prism fit into the brass ring.  Sent from New York City the owner of the antique glass clock was thrilled to put the clock back together.

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