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Crystal repair broken antique glass bobeche

Crystal repair broken antique glass bobeche

September 2nd, 2012 Posted in Antique Glass Repair, Antique lamp repair, Bobaches Boboches Bobeches, Chandelier Repair

I was send a broken crystal bobeche from an antique chandelier. The antique glass bobeche was broken in many pieces and a couple of large pieces were missing. I cut off the part that was not broken .  I used a crystal bowl with the same design as the original bobeche to recreate the broken and missing  portion.  I needed to drill a large hole in the center and many small holes around the rim


Broken Crystal Bobeche



crystal bowl


crystal bowl part

Cut off the good part of broken bobeche


I cut off the good part of the old bobeche and ground the bottom of the new bowl flat.




Crystal Bobeche with Old Top


I drill the holes for the prism pins.

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