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Crystal repair chipped and broken glass fish

Crystal repair chipped and broken glass fish

August 29th, 2012 Posted in Antique Glass Repair, Chipped Glass Repair, Crystal Repair Pictures, glass sculpture repair

The glass fish was broken  years ago and they didn’t save all the pieces.  There was a large part of the tail missing.  I was able to shorten the tail and make the bottom fin a little smaller so it looks proportional.   I tried to cast a new part of the tail but matching the color was not an option.


A lot of pieces but not all of them

Repairing broken crystal and antique glass takes a little imagination.



The tail is about 3/8 of an inch shorter now .  I

This is one of a pair.  The client was very happy with the restoration and her husband was even happier .  He’s the one that broke it.

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