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Crystal Repair Antique Glass with chipped foot

Crystal Repair Antique Glass with chipped foot

March 28th, 2012 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, LaLique Crystal Repair

The antique  Lalique  Crystal cigarette  jar was broken years ago.  The foot had a very large chip out of it.  The chip was to large to be ground out so replacement  was the only option. Over the years I have saved many pieces of glass. My basement is like a junk yard of glass.   I found a Lalique Crystal foot in my glass junk yard.


Chipped Lalique Crystal Foot

The chipped glass jar was gram’s and sat on the coffee table for many years .  The antique glass jar held cigarettes back in the day when every one smoked.


Lalique jar and new crystal foot

I cut off the damaged foot and prepared new foot.


Signed Lalique foot for repair

Bond the new foot to old crystal jar.


Lalique Crystal Lion Head Cigarette Jar Restoration

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