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Antique glass eye cup repair broken foot

Antique glass eye cup repair broken foot

December 8th, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, broken glassware

This is the first antique glass eye cup I have ever see and repaired .   I tried it to see if it worked. I get pumice in my eye some times when polishing.  When this  piece was sent to me it only had a half a foot.  I cut off  what was left of the foot and ground the stem flat.  I made a new green glass foot. When making a new foot it is important to add some imperfections.   The old foot had seeds and cords in it.  Seeds  are small bubbles and cords are  lines of  distortion created from impurities in the glass .

Green Glass Eye Cup With New Foot

Antique Glass Eye Cup

I made a new foot for the vintage glass eye cup.


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