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Waterford Crystal Repair Broken Lamp

Waterford Crystal Repair Broken Lamp

November 9th, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique lamp repair, Crystal Repair Pictures, Glueings, Waterford Crystal, Waterford Crystal Repair

The Waterford crystal lamp was  sent to me from Pennsylvania  for repair.  The base of he lamp was broken off and they didn’t have all the pieces .    There was a crack a running up the bottom and I had to carefully control the crack and turn it so it ran back to the bottom.   I didn’t want the crack to run up to the top of the lamp.


Broken Waterford Lamp Base

I looked and found a Waterford Crystal bowl to make the new base out of.


Brioken glass lamp

Cut off broken parts from the bottom of the  lamp.


Crack running up




I loop the crack back down and remove piece so it can be repaired.  The lamp is stable now by controlling the crack we minimized its in-pack.  Little cracks only stay little for awhile.


New base for lamp

Smooth and polish the parts for reassembly .




Hole for lamp cord



Using a Waterford Crystal bowl I made a new base for the lamp complete with Waterford logo.


Drill a large hole in the bowl.


Waterford Table Lamp



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