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Antique Glass Repair Seuben Crystal Penguin

Antique Glass Repair Seuben Crystal Penguin

November 13th, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, Crystal Repair Pictures, Steuben Crystal, Steuben Crystal Repair

The antique glass penguin was broken and put away years ago.  The glass was discovered and the search was on to find some one to repair it.  The one fin was broken off and many of the small pieces were lost.  That  Steuben Crystal penguin held memories of years go by.


Steuben Crystal Penguin Repair


A piece of Steubn Crystal from a broken ashtray



new wing


Remove broken wing


Sizing Up New Wing


New Wing

I used a piece of Steuben Crystal to sculpt the replacement wing because of the color . Steuben is forty nine percent lead and very clear.  The lead also makes it very soft so I have to use the very best cerium oxide for the final step in the polishing process.





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