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Antique Crystal Bowl Repair Broken Glass Foot

Antique Crystal Bowl Repair Broken Glass Foot

April 25th, 2011 Posted in All Repair Projects, Antique Glass Repair, broken glassware, Glueings

This bowl had a place of honor on grandmas dinning room table for over four decades .  There  it sat  with a stack of pennies taking the place of the missing foot. Grandmas birthday is coming up and wouldn’t it be nice to get the bowl repaired .  The local antique  dealers  and glass shops said it couldn’t be repaired .  What they should have said is they can’t repair it and they don’t know any one who can.

Missing Glass Leg

Cut glass bowl with a missing foot.   The leg broke off and was missed placed over forty years ago .





First step in the repair process to remove what was left of the broken leg on the cut crystal bowl.


glass leg

By casting a mold of one of the good  glass legs I was able to make a new glass foot .


Installed new glass foot

We were able to give grandma her pennies back after bonding the new foot to the bottom of the antique glass  bowl




No more pennies


The local “experts ”  got it wrong .  It  can be restored .  The crystal repair projects I work on now come from all over the world.

Crystal repair is now high tech with the use of UV adhesives and high temp molds .  Antique  cut glass bowls like this one are repairable . Crystal repair has come a long way in the last thirty years .



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