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Crystal repair chipped on neck of decanter

Crystal repair chipped on neck of decanter

January 2nd, 2010 Posted in Broken Decanter Repair, Testimonials, Uncategorized

Good morning Marc,


I’ve finally gotten round to opening the box (major fall season home re-org project is in full swing).  Your work is fantastic!  I would never have known that there was ever any damage.  Once I get the music box mechanism back together I’ll reassemble the decanter and send you some ‘after’ pictures.  I plan to show off your work to everyone I know.


I would like your opinion on something.  The half-dome well that forms the bottom of the decanter and where the music box mechanism fits was originally mirror-silvered.  When I purchased the decanter some time ago the mirroring had long since been replaced with hobby silver paint.  I didn’t care for how that looked so I removed the paint intending to resilver it with silver or gold mirroring once it had been repaired.  Now that I see it all repaired, and with the music box mechanism all cleaned and polished and gleaming in silver and gold itself, I’m leaning towards leaving the decanter bottom unsilvered allowing the music box mechanism to show through the glass.  What do you think?



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