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Crystal vase repair broken off foot

Crystal vase repair broken off foot

December 31st, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, broken glassware, Broken Stem, Glueings
This very large crystal vase was sent to me for repair. If I had  bonded the two pieces together you would be able to see the repair. I decided the best way to repair this crystal vase was to cut off the bottom and reattached it to the foot. This crystal vase was originally bonded to the foot. The repair will make bond between the crystal vase and glass foot even stronger and less likely to break again.



Crystal vase repair  broken off foot

vase broken foot




repaired vase

repaired vase

Cut off bottom of crystal  vase to make a clean smooth bond. Stronger and better looking repair.

repaired crystal vase

repaired vase

Repairing the antique crystal vases of the future. Some one bring home the roses this vase is ready for action.

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  2. By marg Gibson on Mar 7, 2010

    What glue did you use? I need it!

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