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Waterford Crystal Repair

Waterford Crystal Repair

May 16th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Testimonials, Waterford Crystal Repair
Waterford Vase Repaired Stem

Waterford Vase Repaired Stem

Broken Waterford can be rpaired like this large cut glass vase with a cracked crystal stem.  I ground smooth the broken parts and polished them. The foot had a large chip and it was deep into the glass. I would have to make the foot a little thinner . This ment grinding the entire bottom and polishing it.

I am writing the following to attest to the great skill of the Bruening Glass Works, Inc. personnel.  Several months ago my wife, while filling a Waterford Crystal vase with clean water, accidently tapped the base of the vase against the sink. The base separated from the body of the vase and sustained a substantial chip when it landed in the sink.  We immediately called the jewelry store from where the vase was purchased to ask about its repair.  They referred us to an outfit in Los Angeles, CA.  We were told to send an email with pictures, and we would be instructed on how to proceed.  Several months and six emails later I still had not heard a word from the California outfit.  So, I did a goggle search for Waterford Crystal repair and the Bruening Glass Works, Inc. was one of the first entries.  Being there were some nice testimonials, I emailed Marc at Bruening Glass.  He responded immediately,  and based upon our conversations (both email & telephone) we shipped our vase to him.  In all honesty, we did not expect that much of anything could be done — we just wanted the vase to stand upright & hold flowers.  We had written it off as far as it looking really nice ever again.  We were extremely pleased and surprised when the vase was returned to us a couple of weeks later.  Knowing what March had told us about the repair, we knew it would be a little shorter than when it was new (the broken parts had to be ground down a bit).  Other than that, there was no evidence of any repair work. As far as we are concerned the vase is as good as new — the work is unbelievably good!!!  In short, please do not hesitate to enlist the services of Bruening Glass Works, Inc.  The craftsmanship is superb, its prices are reasonable, and the service is top-notch.
Thanks Marc for doing such remarkable work on an impossible repair.
Bruce & Carmen Mills

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