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curved glass panel

curved glass panel

February 24th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Bent Glass

Antique curio cabinet with bent glass panels .  The broken curved glass side panel had to be replaced. They are usualy tighter radius than the door. If you have a broken door just send the whole door to me and I can  install the glass in the door and then send it back to you.

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  2. By WILLIS COVINGTON on Mar 19, 2011

    I have an curio cabinet that needs side panel glass but the only problem is that have no side panels or wooden frames. Is there any way you could make side panels for it or find some that will fit it. I could ship the whole piece to you. It’s a piece of furniture that my wife is very attached to it was past down to her from her mom who has past some years back. It also needs glass shelves made for it. If there’s anyway you think you may be able to help me you can email me back or call. My is WILLIS COVINGTON 336-823-5227

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