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crystal repair antique candlestick

February 28th, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Blowen Glass Replacements, broken glassware, Crystal Candlestick repair, Glueings
Before and after broken candlestick

Before and after broken candlestick

Broken crystal candlestick needs restoration. This has two broken candle cups caused by letting the candle burn down to low and the heat from the flame breaks the glass.  First  I ground off what was left of the broken candle cups and polished it flat. Then I made two new candle holders and attached them . Antique glass repair is a big part of my buisness.  I like fixing things that other glass shop said can’t be fixed. This customer was told it was irreparable. This was broken not chipped so a shop that can only grind and polish is unable to restore a pressed glass candlestick such as this.

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