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Swarovski Crystal Repair

Swarovski Crystal Repair

January 2nd, 2009 Posted in All Repair Projects, Crystal Repair Pictures, Glueings, Swarovski Crystal

Swarovski makes very fine crystal and over the years Icould fill a zoo with  Swarovski Glass Animals I have repair . I recently restored a pair of Swarovski Crystal Birds. Swarovski crystal repairs are generaly  simple reglues. I   made a custom, wall hung,  bent glass display case just for a collection of Swarovski Crystal Animals with mirrored shelves and custom low voltage lighting . The small Swarovski crystal prisims are glue together to create all kinds of shapes.Its not uncommon for the glue to fail so  don’t bame the kids if you find a three leged dog .

Crystal Repair Glue Swarovski Crystal Birds

Crystal Repair Glue Swarovski Crystal Birds


Custom Bent Glass Wall Hung Display Case

Custom Bent Glass Wall Hung Display Case

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  1. 7 Responses to “Swarovski Crystal Repair”

  2. By Lorrie Bernstein on Mar 9, 2011

    I have 3 swarovski animals that need to be repaired. I have all of the pieces that have fallen off. Please let me know what the cost is to re glue and the best way for me to ship them to you. Thank you.

  3. By Wendy Mackenzie on Aug 10, 2011

    I have several pieces of Crystal that is broken.Please advise what i need to do to find out about getting them repaired.

    Kind regards
    Wendy Mackenzie

  4. By joanne preston on Oct 26, 2011

    I have 2 pices of crystal that need repair I have all the pieces please inform me of what I can do to get them fixed thanks

  5. By Nancy Joseph on Nov 28, 2011

    I have two birds that the metal have broken

    from,one is from the tucan’sfeet where he sits on the tree the otherone the metal goes backfor a feather

  6. By Doreen Torebka on Dec 1, 2011

    My Christmas ornaments fell,some relesed at the glue points, some so badly they are in a pile ,others have chiped,are you able to reasamble and/or replace broken or chiped peices??

  7. By jennifer on Oct 9, 2012

    i love the bent wall display cabinet you have on your web page. where can i purchase one from and the price please
    thank you

  8. By Sally Rollins on Dec 21, 2012

    Hi, I have 3 Swarovski christmas ornaments that my loving husband broke. One is 2005 is a star,nice clean break and I have the point. One is 2004 snowflake small,flake broke off, I have the flake. The last one is 203 cross between snowflake and star it one point is off and I have it and three points are chipped. Are these replairable? Ball park price on repairs?
    Can you send me your address so that I may send them to you for repair. Thank you very much,
    Sally Rollins

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